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A day in the life of a single mum. Day 13

Something seems to be wrong with my charger so I almost did not post today but by Gods grace my laptop managed to get charged a little bit. I already intended to use a post that I wrote last year in December for today so I am not making a lot of changes to it but I will post it mostly as I wrote it down back then.
It was a few days before Sinterklaas, which is a holiday that is really, really big here in Holland. It is unbelievable how much attention it gets and the girls got really hyped up and we had an overload of activities in the period of Sinterklaas. The smallies really believed that Sinterklaas and his petes were kind of real and they had gotten some gift cards and I went online with them to choose gifts that were in the amount of the gift cards. And so on this day I went to the shop to buy the gifts that had been chosen. I was so glad that it worked to select gifts online with Yovannah because she first had set her mind on a much more expensive gift (Her teacher told her weeks before to choose from a toy magazine because it was part of a theme at school) and I was afraid that I had to get it for her to not let her down but luckily she changed her mind when we were looking online.  Pff Thank God !

It is done as a time table but I hope that you enjoy reading it.

I would love to hear from you. 

On 2 December 2015

6.15 Woke up, not feeling super.

6. 25 Got fruit and water ready for school. Got  clothes for the girls for school.

7.15 Took a shower and got ready.

7.40 Got the girls out of bed since they did not get up when I tried to wake them up the first time.
Got the girls ready for school and gave them something to eat.

8.13 Left the house to go to school with the girls
8.28 Arrived at school and dropped Nevaeh off at her class.
8. 30 Rushed to Yovannahs class  and helped her and two girls with language games.

9.00 Went back home. Got Nevaehs glasses and eye plaster since we forgot it in the morning . Got bags and gift cards for Intertoys and went back to the school.

10.15 After going into the school and giving Nevaeh her plaster and glasses , I took the bus to the shopping centre. Went to the optician to bring in Nevaehs other glassed to get fixed and to ask about other lenses for me to try on.

11.00 Went into Intertoys for Sinterklaas shopping for the girls! Yay !
11. 30 Left the shop excited and happy that (with a bit of trouble)  I found everything from the lists of the girls !! Went to get some money from the machine and then into another shop and then took the bus back home.

1215 Arrived at home and hid the bag with presents upstairs, put some candy and a small present in the shoes from the girls and then left to collect the girls from school.
1245 Rushed home with the small girls. We were getting a delivery and I was not sure at what time.

1300 Back at home and after a few minutes Nevaeh realized that there is something in her shoe. ‘Hey what is that ?’  I acted excited and surprised. ‘They came !’ Yovannah and Nevaeh sais full of excitement.  I took some pics and they got the stuff out of their shoes.
Ixora ‘s first reaction. :’that’s not what I asked for.’ I needed to explain to her that Sinterklaas day is on Saturday and that the real presents are always coming on that day.

Read email that delivery is planned between 1523 and 1623.
Started tidying  the house, feeling very tired. Took a toilet break and then talked to Ixora about the plans.

1440 Left the house with the girls to go to the library to print off stuff for Ixora’s surprise for a classmate which needs to be finished by tomorrow morning.

1500 Appointment with  people who want to help one of the girls with Dutch language improvement.
15.15 Rushed back home.  Ixora had left for a gymnastic event called Pieten Gym with a friend.

16.50 Looked something up on internet and the doorbell finally rang for the delivery of the gift for Ixora’s classmate.

1715 Left the house to go grocery shopping with the smallies. A few days earlier, they had left their shoes behind at the shop and now they got their shoes back and got ‘kruidnoten’ and a ‘kwartet’as a little Sinterklaas treat from the shop.

1810 Arrived back home with the groceries. I wanted to unpack when the doorbell rang. : Ixora got back. I unpacked the bags and started cooking. Explained to Ixora that the ‘surprise’ plans need to be adjusted because the pictures turned out smaller and I couldn’t change them because of the appointment that I had afterwards and I had to rush back home for the delivery.

Helped Ixora to make the surprise for her classmate for school. We chose to make a pc and in the box went the gift and a poem as the tradition in Holland.

'Surprise' when it was finished

19.15 Washed some dishes while the bottom of the spaghetti almost started to burn. Got the top of the food out and put it in a big plate. Served dinner, put the bottom part of the food for myself. It luckily still tasted good.

2030 Kids had their chocolate for 2 December from the chocolate advent calendar  and we got ready for bed. I got Nevaehs star chart and gave her a smiley face for listening better at school.
Time for bed !!

That was my day on 2 December.
It was a very busy day. Luckily not all days are like this but I must say that life is surely a lot busier and I tend to be more easily overwhelmed since I am a single mum.
But by the grace of God, I manage.

He sustains me. Glory to His name.



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