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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What Kids Wore Wednesday : Bunny love (Day 4 BEDM)

I always loved doing 'What Kids Wore' posts.

So today I am finally going to do one again.
Today I want to share an outfit that Nevaeh was wearing.

In the pictures Nevaeh is wearing a grey jumper with sparkles on it and the text "Make your own Magic". And a skirt with bunnies on it,

Nevaeh really loves bunnies, so she really loves clothes with bunnies on them.
So it is no suprise that this skirt is really one of her favourite skirts. She only gets to wear it to church or to a party but she is always excited when she gets to put this outfit on.

She got the shoes as a birthday present from her aunt.

Sweater : H & M
Skirt : H & M
Thights: HEMA

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