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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Favourite April buys BEDM day 5

Like I mentioned earlier this week, I am currently trying to make a little more effort and I am more often using a little more make up than I did before. Actually I used to be quite 'make up less'  most of them time.  Since I did not really have enough make up to be able to do that, I recently went to the Big Bazar here in Amsterdam to pick up a few cheap make up items.

I got a foundation, mascara, a lipgloss and a lipstick.

And since I started the challenge of wearing dresses and skirts, (read here ) I have been using these every day now together with a black pencil which I already had.

It is interesting to get in the habit of putting some make up on. I think that is really good to pay more attention to how I look.

So I'm really happy with these items and I'm sure that I will really be using them quite a lot in the coming time and that I will enjoy it.

I am also trying to take more care of my hair and so I'm regularly co-washing my hair and so I was delighted to find a big bottle of conditioner for only 1,99

My phone camera somehow got a bit blurry.

What are your favourite buys from April ? Which make up  items do you use on a daily basis ?

I would love to hear from you.


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