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Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's (almost) party time ! (day 14)

It is going to be Yovannahs birthday soon. She is going to be 7 on 6 June. She has been talking about it for months. It is unbelievable how much birthdays mean for little girls. They always look so much forward to it. I ‘ve always tried to make an effort to give them a nice memorable day too. Because I don’t want to take for granted that God has added another year to their life. Some people unfortunately don’t get the chance to see their child get older and so I want to celebrate their life every year again. And it is always nice for the chidren to feel special on their special day.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to give them a lot of parties. But I always still try to do something small and special like going to Mc Donalds, the movies or swimming, just the girls and I. And I usually have some balloons and decorations up and a cake
Especially Yovannah has not had a lot of parties. She has had two small parties so far with about 2- 4 friends and then her sisters. So it would be nice if she could finally have herself a nice party, a little bigger. I definitely would love to do that for her. But I’m not sure yet if that will be an option. Yovannah has quite some friends at school and also where we live.
We have been thinking of ideas for when we decide to do a party at some location.
The ideas that we like and that her friends would probably like are :

Swimming pool party
A lot of her friends have swimming lessons and my girls have been going to swimming lessons too.
And this party would then be at the place where the girls have their swimming lessons. The prices are 8,50 euro per person, including food and drinks.

Pony party
The smallies have started a course called ; ‘pony buddies’ and they really love horses a lot.
One of her friends is doing horse riding and another one loves horses too.
This party would be at the Kids farm where the smallies do their ‘pony buddies’ course.
I have not looked into information on this yet so I am not sure what the prices are.

Ballorig party
This is a party at an indoor play center. Ixora had a few friends (four) there on her last birthday. And she had a party like this in Ireland before. They are always a big success . And for the parent(s) it is quite easy because the center takes care of everything. The kids play and get drinks and food and they have cake. The prices are from about 10 euro per person.

Another idea would be to just try and do a party at home but even though I used to love organizing parties  in the past, I am not sure if I would want to host a party for more than 3 guests. It is a lot of work when you do it at home and just a lot of work doing it alone.
So I think it then would have to be an unofficial party on the afternoon of her birthday and hopefully the weather is good and our bouncy castle has been shipped to us by my mum, so the children can play on that. So the neighbor kids can come and she can ask one friend.
Because I definitely am not looking forward to the stress of a party at home so we will see. I am going to be sure to give her a nice day though whatever we do.
She also really wants to go to Moviepark Germany.  She just told me that she would love to do her party there. I guess maybe if we would go as a family but taking kids there is ofcourse not an option.

I am sure that we will find something nice to do and turn it into a memorable day. We will see...

What do you do for the birthdays of your children ? Which of these parties would you prefer ?
I would love to hear from you.


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