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Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello Springy times. Day 2 of BEDM.

I always loved the idea of a Hello Monday post from Lisa Leonard and you may have seen some of them before on my blog.
As my second post for the month of May I chose to do another one. 

Hello Monday

Hello Springy times

Hello days with sunny spells.

Hello to playing outside at the back.

Hello playground times with lots of fun.

Hello to Yovannah writing in a diary.

Hello to Nevaeh improving her writing skills.

Hello little flowers growing in the wild.

Hello to planting little veggies.

Hello apple tree. I hope that you will grow well and live and when I’ve found you an 'apple tree mate' that some day we could have apples from you as well.

Hello to looking into the world with my own eyes.
Since my reading glasses that I was wearing the whole day broke, I have been going without glasses a lot of the time lately. Only for the laptop and reading, I really need glasses and I picked up a pair in the supermarket for a euro. I did get lenses from the optician to try out as well but one of them somehow got ripped after a few days so I need to get another one to replace that one.

Hello to wearing a little bit more make up again. Without glasses I feel I need to use make up more often to hide the dark circles under my eyes a little bit. :) 

Hello to the May school break. We have one week of it left and I hope the girls and I can do some fun stuff before they have to go back to school next week.

Hello to movie time at home with popcorn. You gave us lots of fun and we are doing you again today.

What are you saying Hello to today ?

Have a lovely Monday evening.



Geraldine said...

Nicely written, keep it up, Gerdy

Chan said...

Thanks a lot. And thanks for stopping by. <3

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