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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Loving Romania (day 17)

Today’s topic of the BEDM challenge is wanderlust/travel.

I thought it would be a nice opportunity to write about Romania.
The first time that I visited Romania, was 16 years ago when I went there on a mission trip as part of a team of five people. We traveled for 5 days from Holland to Romania, sleeping in parking lots in a camper and a truck. It was a whole adventure.
We had a huge truck of goods with us and our goal was to bless people from the gypsy villages with goods and to minister to them through singing, preaching and prayer and also to encourage the local church in bringing the gospel to the gypsy’s as well. It was a very special experience, standing on a big field with people, preaching, being translated by a translator, experiencing the presence of God.
It was great to be used by God, seeing people get saved and encouraging the youth in going out to bring the gospel. Glory to God !! God filled me with a compassion for the people of Romania and told me that I’d had to go back to work for Him.

I went on another mission trip to the same place the next year and felt blessed to see brandnew churches in some places where we had preached the year before. One girl had been miraculously healed during one of our services and as a result her whole family had been saved. And that second year they were all getting baptized.
The youth had been mobilized in a big way and they now had their own mission team that went out and did outreaches to the gypsy villages regularly. Halleluyah ! Glory to God !! We ministered a lot through prayer this time. And God did miracles and wonders. Halleluyah ! A lot of people were sick because they could not go to a doctor.  But God saw their need and touched them and healed them. At that time Romania mainly meant ‘mission field’ to me….but it really had a big place in my heart.
I loved the Romanian song ‘Binecuvanteaza Doamne Romania' which means " Lord bless Romania".

I never went back to Romania until last year.. But I never forgot the compassion that God had put in my heart for this country. I started to learn the language and God started to put a desire in me to help the people in Romania in a practical way and then through this to minister to the lost.
Last year, I finally went back. This time on a two week holiday with my girls.
We had the most amazing time and it really surpassed my expectations. And the girls loved it too.

Even after going there twice before, I never realized how beautiful Romania really is.
Where I went, there were beautiful mountains and I really fell in love with that place.

But I’ve also seen other pictures of other parts of Romania that really take your breath away. Really so much more beautiful then what I have seen.
It almost annoys me then, that no one seems to know that. And then to realize how much poverty there is in Romania. It is like most people see Romania that way. A country with poor people, which is not developed.  If people hear that you went on a holiday to Romania, they are really surprised.
I hope that one day more people will realize how beautiful the nature in Romania is and that Romania will be able to build up their economy through tourism as well.

I want to be used by God to do whatever He chooses to bless this beautiful country and its people through His grace. I’m looking forward to all God has in store regarding this  !!
Glory to His name !!

Would you ever visit Romania ? I would love to hear from you.

Love and blessings,

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